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In collaboration with IFAC, ODL Accepts credit cards, mobile payments, and all major payment methods to grow the business. In collaboration with IFAC, ODL will enable businesses and individuals across the continent to accept payments online with all currencies and payment methods, including all major cards.

Online payment

The payment is done online. The student or candidate must have a visa card (debit or credit card).

He sends the emails to clarifying the following details: Names and surname, his/her email, his/her phone number, city and country, the payment reasons and how much in USD currency he/she would like to pay.

As a feedback from the student or candidate will get the link on which he/she will click and fill the visa card’s information. It will be debited and the student will get the notification as payment confirmation though the student email.

Bank transfer

You can also pay using bank transfer with the following details:

Country: TOGO Bank Name: ECOBANK Account number:141052079001

IBAN CODE:TG53TG0550271314105207900143 SWIFT CODE:ECOCTGTG

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